Sunday, May 17, 2015

Moving in.

Small cans are not necessarily kitten food.  Although he thought this was hot stuff.  
First few days I was not so sure he was ready for actual food.  Good advice was to thin it with water about half and half, but this was the shred stuff.


But he was pretty uncoordinated and had a bit of a problem reaching around to clean up!  
And a little kitty tummy issues.....  Such a delight.
Second day my vet had me swing over for a look see.  DECIDEDLY A BOY, our guy had teeth and energy but we put some pro-biotics and high caloric food in him for a couple of days.
It is amazing how confident I was that this teeny thing would be so easy to adjust to things. 

 He was too weak and too awkward to jump from a high box.... WRONG.
He was a little sickly so he would be docile.... WRONG.
He did, however catch on quickly to hard food (I think they have better breath) and finally figured how far he could back up to STAY within the kitty litter!
And he was just about a pound.  And so tiny it was hard to do much but cuddle... and of course think it was so cute with his tiny teeth and itsy claws....

But he did sleep a lot....

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