Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Yes, he is attractively dressed in a bit of a halter.  
If you look at the Dude blog, you can see my inspiration.  

Cats do  not like collars.  They have such flexibility that they WILL put out, no matter what.  For the Dude I made a bit of a double rope loop, one loosely around his neck, the other under his armpits.   Much heavier, but as he was a lot less inclined to flee, conditions being what they were, he tolerated it pretty well!
This fetching apparel was shaped much like a mask, with two small holes and a wide strip between, to support his whole chest.  More of a stylish denim vest.
Attached above his shoulders is a 5' long piece of cloth ribbon that trails behind him.  It was less for commanding him to do things he did not want to do, than a bit of an avalanche cord, for locating him when he would disappear in a flash. 

 Trailing string under the dusty sofa or behind a picture.... 
It worked fine while he was too small to do much legal exploring.  He would just be places he shouldn't run into the void, as it were.   Within a week, he had decided circling and weaving around the supports of my bamboo sofa and chair set would be so much more fun.    

That is when I would find silent, patient kitten, tied in knots, just waiting to be untangled.   

So now it is required:  I have to start cleaning the major part of the house.  He has grown....  

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